STEM Week StudentsThe 2nd Annual State of Hawaii Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Week is led by the Hawaii Academy of Science (HAS) and supported by the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. STEM Week will highlight and bolster the various STEM programs provided for Hawaii’s youth.

Programs in STEM provide an invaluable experience to students by building sense of self-confidence and igniting a lifelong passion for learning. The goals of STEM Week are to recognize and celebrate our educational institutions, students, and supporters as a unified community determined to enhance and sustain STEM education in Hawaii.

This event will be held at the Hawaii Convention Center from April 7th to 9th, and runs concurrently with the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair (HSSEF). The parallel offering strengthens industry and community support of all students involved in STEM related fields while also publically highlighting Hawaii’s companies, industries, and educational excellence.

Major components of the festivities include an industry exposition focusing on STEM career and job opportunities, and a luncheon featuring a STEM institutional awards ceremony. Last year we were honored to have Senator Daniel K. Inouye and over 300 supporters in attendance. Senator Inouye was thrilled to meet with new and old friends of the STEM community, and presented HECO with the inaugural Daniel K. Inouye Award for their outstanding support in STEM education.

Through the on-site Industry Exposition and Career and Job Fair, local organizations will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their technology and services to a wide base of students, investors, and media outlets. Last year we were fortunate to have the Hawaii Dual-Use industry showcase their member companies, their innovative technologies, and career opportunities.

STEM Week AwardsThe STEM institutional awards ceremony will recognize outstanding students, educators, and participating schools from Hawaii’s various STEM organizations. During our inaugural year we partnered with 18 of Hawaii’s leading STEM programs, including Cyber Patriot; Science Bowl; The Hawaii State Science Olympiad, and Vex Robotics. By acknowledging institutional accomplishments in addition to individual achievements, STEM week will pay tribute to collective school efforts and commitment towards STEM exploration.

We hope that you will consider joining us for STEM Week and become part of a unified community effort to enhance and sustain STEM education in Hawai‘i. Mahalo for your support and interest!

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